Freight is moved from city to city, coast to coast, or across the oceans. Boats of all sizes and types work round the clock getting the job done. Different mechanical applications, essential for their proper operation keep these machines moving. Some of these include: engine and gear systems, conveyors, chains, cranes, compressors and other mechanical parts. Most of these operate under harsh, extreme pressure conditions, with constant friction and wear causing loss of efficiency, short maintenance cycles and equipment breakdowns.

NanoLub® Marine Engine Oil Additives are a new generation surface-reconditioning nano lubricant for engine oil, Based on a unique patented technology of super strong and lubricious tungsten disulfide WS₂ multilayered nano-fullerene-like particles. These unique multi-layer IF-WS₂ nano-spheres lower friction and heat, thereby reducing mechanical wear. At the same time, contact pressure and shear cause these nano-spheres to release tribofilms that attach to surface asperities and smooth them, thereby extending mechanical efficiency and apparatus life. dual-fffect-active-material Specially formulated for use in Marine engines to improve performance and lower operating costs. Superior Extreme Pressure (EP) Anti-Friction (AF) and Anti-Wear (AW) properties. Can be used as part of the additives package for fully-formulated ready to use engine oil or as a top up after market product. Suitable for all types of 4 strokes engines and all types of synthetic engine oils. Doesn´t clog the filters. Non corrosive and non-toxic.

Recommended treatment rate is (3%) 30ml per 1 liter of engine oil.