Automotive Applications

Engine Oil Additives

NanoLub® advanced oil additives were originally developed for an extraordinarily high intensity application. Over time, the oil additives were modified for commercial applications. A wide range of companies utilise our oil additives in a variety of industries. NanoLub® was developed to improve the engines performance, that will also bring a return on peoples investment.

The composition and morphology of NanoLub® materials creates a unique mechanism of friction induced tribofilm release. The exfoliated nano-particles attach to working surfaces, fill in wear crevices and coat working surfaces with a continuous super-lubrication layer. This “surface reconditioning” effect improves energy efficiency, extends effective operation and extends machinery and lubricant life.

These materials feature outstanding extreme temperature and extreme pressure properties. Additional benefits include reduced fuel consumption, lower parts maintenance, less frequent parts replacement and lower levels of emissions and pollution.

NanoLub® products are available in ready to use bottles 250ml, 500ml and 1 liter specific to engine size and application. They are also available in 20 liter pails, 200 liter drums or 1,000 liter totes for fleet applications. Recommended treatment rate is 30ml per 1 liter of engine oil.